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Punch drunk: Brazilian MMA fighter swigs beer from crowd in between rounds (VIDEO)

Punch drunk: Brazilian MMA fighter swigs beer from crowd in between rounds (VIDEO) Brazilian MMA fighter Paulo Bananada couldn’t wait for his fight to finish before getting his hands on a beer so he decided to swig on a cold one in between rounds.

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The Brazilian was facing Peru’s Johnny Iwasaki in a lightweight bout at FFC 40 in Lima this week and had just seen out the first round.

But unlike his opponent, who took a seat and rehydrated with water, Bananada decided he needed refreshment of a different kind.

Leaning over the cage, he gestured to someone in the crowd to hand him a drink, which he took a long swig on before handing back.

The subsequent shot appears to show where the drink came from – with two women sitting in the crowd with a half-finished beverage in front of them. 

Bananada’s desperation for a drink may have been borne of frustration at waiting for his team to arrive – and when they finally appear on the scene his cornerman gives him a tap on the leg to get down from the cage.

The clip caused merriment on social media, where well-known MMA tweeter wrote: “Holy sh*t, hahaha amazing.”

“Only in Latin America,” replied , who shared the original clip.

The mid-fight beverage didn’t help the Brazilian lightweight, however, as the 34-year-old fell to a unanimous decision defeat after three rounds of fighting, dropping his record to 23-16.

Veteran Iwasaki, 43, improved his career record to 22-8.  

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