November 16, 2019
  • 5:34 pm India should not be ‘bullied’ on world stage: Iran’s FM Zarif calls on New Delhi to resist US pressure
  • 5:33 pm Water cannon deployed & cars flipped as tensions run high during Yellow Vests protests (VIDEOS)
  • 5:33 pm ‘Kick out Black Pete!’ Anti-blackface paranoia comes after Dutch children’s festival tradition
  • 5:33 pm ‘I’m not at the end of my story‘: NBA star LeBron James plans to play until he ‘can‘t walk no more‘
  • 5:32 pm Car bomb kills at least 18 in Turkey-controlled Syrian city (VIDEOS)

Labour ‘sided with Putin’ and would subject UK to ‘horror show,’ BoJo tells voters at launch of election campaign British Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused the Labour Party of snuggling up to the Kremlin during a speech in which he implored voters to stick with the Conservative Party in next month’s snap elections.

While the Tories believe that the UK should “stand tall in the world,” Johnson claimed that Labour allegedly “sided with Putin” over the Skripal poisoning affair. The prime minister didn’t elaborate on his sensational claim.

“Come with us, get Brexit done and take this country forward, or, and this is the alternative next year, spend the whole of 2020 in a horror show of yet more dither and delay,” he added.

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He said that if victorious, Jeremy Corbyn would push for two referendums in 2020; one on Scotland, and the other on Brexit.

Ironically, a leading taking point of Remainers has been that the Kremlin was somehow linked to the campaign to pull Britain out of the European Union. The conspiracy theory was officially put to rest in September, when an investigation into a leading pro-Brexit campaign,, found no ties to Moscow.

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