December 5, 2019
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It’s just a tan: Twitter punches back at perpetually-offended liberals attacking Jennifer Aniston The online culture war continues, this time with collective groans of exasperation at the liberal outrage mob’s latest target: actress Jennifer Aniston and her magazine cover that’s been deemed “too tanned.”

Aniston shot five different covers for fashion outlet InStyle, all reportedly inspired by 60s and 70s glamour photoshoot trends, but, naturally, the PC police homed in on just one of the covers which has seemingly upset the delicate balance between light and dark, good and evil, or something like that.

The apparently ‘racist’ picture, taken by world-renowned photographer Michael Thompson, stood out from all the rest, with the 50-year-old ‘Friends’ sitcom star deemed “too-tanned,” “too-photoshopped” or “ten shades darker than normal” according to the social media arbiters of good taste. 

 Cue the onslaught of offense and outpouring of complaints of ‘oppression’ from the liberal commentariat.

Some even Aniston to embattled former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal who, despite being born white, repeatedly claimed to be black.

But many thick-skinned but beleaguered veterans of the online culture war rushed to Aniston’s defense, defending her right to ‘bare arms’ and get a tan, while jumping at the chance to lash some snowflake liberals.

“This is why ‘liberal’ is used by many as an insult,” “Is this article originally from ?” and “Is there anything liberals don’t think is racist?” were just some of the exasperated responses from those online who have thick enough skin to handle a darker shade of sun tan.

The ‘offending’ photo was apparently inspired by German model Veruschka, who was popular in the 1960s, and InStyle reportedly sent on three images of Veruschka appearing very tanned to NBC News to showcase the inspiration for the photo.

The magazine declined to comment on whether Aniston’s skin was darkened and Aniston’s representatives have also yet to issue any comment on the photo or the subsequent outrage.

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Conrad Contributor