November 16, 2019
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Biden takes aim at Trump with ‘former president’ jibe, shoots self in foot instead Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden tried his hand at biting insults, warning President Donald Trump that “in one year” he’d be dubbed “Former President Donald Trump.” His jab was met with less applause than bemusement.

The former vice president lobbed his barb at Trump on the president’s home territory – Twitter – on Sunday, seemingly motivated by Trump’s tendency to pin disparaging nicknames on his opponents (‘Shifty Schiff’, anyone?).

But it didn’t land with the finality he might have expected. Twitter questioned his math, reminding him the next president doesn’t technically take office until 2021…

…as well as his sanity…

…and wondered how, exactly, ‘former president’ was supposed to be an insult, considering Biden touts his service under ‘former president’ Barack Obama at every campaign event.

“This is neither a nickname nor whatever you imagine a clever burn is,” one personb .

Others played along, figuring there were worse alternate universes for Biden to live in than the one where his cutting wit was sufficient to fell presidents.

“What a devastating own, I will now blindly support Joe Biden,” another . 

Biden knows how nicknames can sting, having been dubbed both ‘Sleepy Joe’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ by Trump and his supporters, respectively. But if his supporters were expecting a ‘Corn Pop’-style septuagenarian beatdown from the perennial candidate, they were sorely disappointed.

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Conrad Contributor