November 19, 2019
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Already in cuffs? British cops hunting hardened criminals who stole £1mn worth of SEX TOYS Northamptonshire police are having a hard time getting to the bottom of the case of the million pounds-worth of stolen sex toys, and have asked the public to give them a hand tracking down the hardened criminals responsible.

There are unconfirmed reports that the thieves smashed in the back doors and slipped in the rear of a delivery truck which had pulled off the A43. The action is said to have taken place between between 1am and 6.30am local time on September 18 and the police appealed for information on Thursday.

Thus far, the police are without any leads on who may be responsible for preventing the trucker from delivering their million-pound load to Rocks Off Ltd.  

Some online commenters insisted the truck driver should have used protection to ward off the thieves and their busy hands, eager to plug the gap in the black market for sex toys. 

“I mean… what on earth was in there for it to be worth $1mill?? And HOW did nobody notice a car rammed with vibrators buzzing down the M1,” wrote one clearly frustrated Facebook user. 

Others suggested that, while the thieves may not be in custody, they were likely “already in handcuffs.”

Police, hoping for a happy ending, have appealed to the public to lend a hand in bringing the naughty culprits to justice.

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Conrad Contributor